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How to submit your paper
Preparing Your Manuscript
Please note that only articles/papers presented at the JITMM conference will be published in the proceedings, and please ensure that the required formats for text and figure submission are followed strictly.
  1. Follow the instructions to authors regarding the format of your manuscript and references.

  2. For your initial submission, please prepare your manuscript as a single file (a text file with embedded figures, tables etc.). You may either prepare your manuscript using a word processing program and save it as a .doc or .docx file.

  3. Figures can be saved in .jpg, .gif or .tif format, at 150 dpi resolution. When preparing figures, please make sure that any characters or numbers included in the figures are large enough to read on-screen.

  4. When naming your files, please use simple filenames and avoid special characters and spaces. If you are a Macintosh user, you must also type the three-letter extension at the end of the file name you choose (e.g. .doc, .rtf, .jpg, .gif, .tif, .ppt, .xls, .pdf, .eps, .mov).

Submitting Your Manuscript
Now that your files are ready, visit theĀ online submission website.

  1. First, you will need to log into the system.
    • If you know your login details (i.e. you have submitted or reviewed a manuscript on this system before), use your User ID and Password to log on.
    • If you have trouble finding manuscripts or have other problems with your account do not create another account. Instead, please contact JITMM Secretariat (see below).
Submitting a Revised Manuscript
Please note that if you decide to mark-up the changes made after revision, please only do this by using the track changes function or highlighting these in red text and send it by e-mail (jitmm@mahidol.ac.th)

JITMM Secretariat, Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University 420/6 Ratchawithi Road, Bangkok 10400, Thailand.
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